Monday, May 18, 2009

Cafe Handmade Virtual Craft Show

I discovered a new website this week, thanks to Twitter! Cafe Handmade is yet another website devoted to handmade, but with a twist. One of their coolest features is how they allow artisans to advertise. While there are the requisite little square ads along the side, the bulk of the artists on Cafe Handmade advertise through the Virtual Craft Show.

The Virtual Craft Show allows artists to upload 5 photographs on their work. These are arranged in a banner-type format as part of the Virtual Craft Show. When a potential buyer clicks on one of the photos, they are taken to the artists web site. The Virtual Craft Show is updated every week, so that there are constantly fresh items to be seen.

Signing up for the Virtual Craft Show starts at $14 for a two week minimum run. This advertising rate is comparable to a lot of the other handmade websites I have checked out. What's so cool about the Virtual Craft Show is you get to spotlight 5 items, rather than just one in a standard type ad.

Cafe Handmade has more than just the Virtual Craft Show. They have a "Best in Show" poll, where you can vote for the best artist in that week's show. They also have spotlights for featured artisans and a marketplace for your works. This is a site definitely worth visiting if you like handmade!

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