Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All About Handmade News

As some of you know, I am a columnist for a new website aimed at being an amazing resource for the handmade artist, . I am really impressed with the quality of the articles coming out of this website (and not just because I write some of them)!

I will take time each week to share not only the current articles I have written for the Business Tips department, but some of the best articles from the rest of the site as well.

So without further adieu...


This week we have tackled Accounting & Paperwork in the Business Tips department. Please check out my Is Your Price Right? to help you think about all that needs to be figured into the price of your product, and Stay Sane with Filing to get some tips on organizing and filing paperwork for the small business.

A very fun article, in the aptly named "Just for Fun" department gives you a quiz to take to see if you maybe take your crafting a little too seriously. Are You and Obsessive Crafter? pokes fun at all of us who have, in the past, been sucked into the craft zone.

Next, for all of you color-lovers out there comes Color Toys and Joys! Every handmade artist has debated over color themes at some point, and this article list some tools to help you make your decision.

Finally, for this first week on my blog, I am going to feature a whole department as a must read. The Green Wise department is full of articles about going green with your crafts and your life. With articles about using found materials to make crafts, to more serious topics such as what is really in your make-up, this department has a number of fantastic pieces sure to inform.

So be sure to visit when you are looking for crafting information. But be careful--it's easy to lose yourself in the pleasure!

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  1. I love the articles on artfire! I've contributed a few myself. I have to get back to doing that.