Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Were You Front Page Material? Find it in the Vault

A couple weeks ago, I posted a number of sites that had cool Etsy tools. One of the sites, Craft Cult, had a very cool tool that lets you view which of your items have hearts. There is another tool on that site that I finally got to looking at, and wanted to spread the word.

Getting featured on the front page of Etsy is a big deal for many people. Craft Cult has a database of those special front page treasuries, available for your view in the Vault. You can browse the front pages, if you want to see what type of items are usually featured. You can also search by an Etsy username, or by a specific date. This way, when someone tells you that they saw you on the Etsy front page, you don't need to feel bad that you missed seeing it! You can just go on Craft Cult and look that baby up! You can also share the listing from the Vault with others quite easily.

Right now, the database only goes back to March 2009, as that was when the tool was introduced. Even so, it is still a really cool way to keep an eye on what is catching the eye of Etsy curators.

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