Thursday, April 9, 2009

Etsy Tools 101

I have to admit that I obsess a little bit over checking out my views in my Etsy shop. So it should come as no surprise that I love the new tools people have created to help you keep track of all things Etsy. Here is a collection of tools that help you get more out of your Etsy experience. Have fun!

A super easy tool that lets you enter your shop ID, and then tells you if you are in any treasuries at that moment. I used to wade through all 20+ pages of Etsy treasuries looking for the elusive yellow star. Now I can see within seconds if I am featured in a treasury. They also have atab that lets you know if you are in any gift guides. Very cool.
Another one of my all-time favorites. It has the Heart-o-matic, which lets you see not only your shop hearts (which you can check out in Etsy anyways), but how many hearts each specific item has! You can see at a glance which items are popular among Etsy browsers. It also has a tab, called "the Vault" that lets you see if you are in gift guides, of if you have been featured in the Storque recently.

Etsy Fee Calculator
This one can be a real eye-opener. You can state what amount you want to receive for your item, and then the fee calculator adds in the Etsy & Paypal fees, showing how much you will have to charge. Too often, people forget to figure in these fees when pricing their work!

Etsy Wiki
First off, this site has a wealth of information if you are trying to figure out Etsy. But what I love is their Top Seller function. You can easily find which shops sell the most on Etsy as a whole, or within your specific craft. This can be helpful so you can see what successful shops are doing.
The name may be a bit scary, but don't let that put you off. The developer of this site has created these tools, partly to help his wife, who has an Etsy shop. Under the Tools, there are two that are cool. First is the "Where Am I?" which lets you plug in your information to see if any of your items would show up within the first 25 pages of a search (you enter a tag & your user name). The second, is "Inventory Worth?" which does what it says; it tallies up the prices of your Etsy items and lets you know how much total inventory you have.

Let's Ets
This site allows you to easily add you Etsy items to the Google Base, which puts your items into Google searches. This is another great tool to help you with exposure of your Etsy items.


  1. Rachel, this is a fabulous post! Thank you for all the great sources!

  2. These are great! Thanks so much for pointing everyone out to these wonderful resources.

  3. Rachel- Thanks for this post! It is so useful. I knew there had to be a better way to check my item hearts then to just click on each item one at a time to view its stats! These tools are going to save me a lot of time! Thank you!

  4. Also check out

    It's a tool that makes it really easy to find and select popular and relevant tags for your Etsy items that will drive a lot of views to your shop.