Thursday, April 16, 2009

Made By Hand. By Me

Of the new social networking sites for handmade artisans, Made By Hand. By Me, is by far my favorite for one very cool reason. Besides being truly devoted to the spirit of handmade (read their story), they have made available a very cool, clickable, gallery tool to showcase your work, or the works of others.

See the little gallery I have off to the right there? ----->

I created this virtual themed gallery with the Spotlight feature available on Made By Hand. By Me. What's great about these Spotlights is that you can include items from many different handmade venues in one gallery. They support the big guys like Etsy & Artfire, but they also will let you use items from 1000 Markets, Made it Myself, and Zibbet, plus more.

If you are like many artisans, and you have multiple shops, you can easily create a gallery of your work for your blog or website that pulls items from all the venues. It's similar to an Etsy mini, only better, in my opinion, because you aren't limited to one venue. Registration is free, and you can set up your own profile for their Artisan Directory as well.

To see the spotlights that others have created, you can click on the Shopping tab on their website and either select Window Shopping, to view a random spotlight, or choose Artisan Spotlights to see a sortable list of active spotlights. Be warned, though, time can get away from you as you drool over all the beautiful handmade goods!

These spotlights are only one of the many cool things about Made By Hand. By Me. To be honest, every time I visit it seems like I am finding out something else cool they have created for the online artisan. This is one site I would wholeheartedly recommend you check out!

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