Monday, August 17, 2009

United by Unusual Circumstances

Usually, being a handmade artisan has a lot of perks; you are your own boss, you get to do something you love, and you get to meet a lot of great people who appreciate your work. Every once in a while you meet a bad apple, but they don't ruin the whole bunch.

Recently, however, the online artisan community has been targeted by an individual who has taken it upon themselves to falsely accuse many artisans of fraud; which is ironic seeing as how this individual had their etsy shop closed last year for fraudulent selling. (See the links to the right for more information) And as anyone who has worked with etsy knows, they will not close down a shop unless they have had proof.

Suddenly a great number of artisans, some of whom spoke out when this individual raised their head again on handmade sites, find themselves joined in a unique sister-hood (well now there are some brothers). The ironic part is, among her targets, I have found a lot of great handmade artisans that I might not have known about otherwise. For example, Lydia Muell of Ashton Jewels, who I featured recently, has been a target! Below are just a handful of the great artisans and their work!

Seller: cctexan3
Handcrafted lampwork & gemstone jewelry
Green Lampwork Charm Bracelet

Seller: JavaBead
Artisan jewelry & boro lampwork beads
Cherry Blossoms Lampwork Bracelet

Seller: betsymn
Handmade lampwork beads
Fire Opal Owl Eyes

Seller: Goatmountainarts
Soaps, fiber arts & more!
Handmade Goat's Milk Soap

Seller: Acelticgirl2
Handmade gemstone jewelry
Green Onyx Rice Pearls Sterling Earrings

Seller: LenorasDesigns
Handmade Lampwork Beads
Lampwork Focal Pendant


  1. These are amazing and legitimate artists! Their work stands alone!

  2. Thanks so much for helping to boost the good and squish the wicked blagwich!

    Beautiful blog and I am honored to be smeared with the rest of the sister ( and now brother) artists.