Monday, July 27, 2009

Who Says Lampwork Beads Aren't Art?

I am sure many of you creative types have a favorite artist in your field whose work you covet and wish for one-tenth of their talent! In lampwork, many artists (myself included) create beads with the common purpose of being used in jewelry. Lydia Muell, of Ashton Jewels takes her lampwork beads to a whole different level, creating miniature pieces of art at her torch.

I have been a fan of Lydia's work for a long time, and have enjoyed watching her style develop. She has created some of the most distinctive beads I have seen since I began lampworking 5 years ago. Her current floral beads are truly breathtaking and unlike any other artist's.

Not only is Lydia an artist with glass, her jewelry, which incorporates her stunning beads, is equally amazing. Could imagine how good you would feel walking into the room, wearing one of her pieces?

If you are not already a fan of lampwork beads, Lydia's will definitely win you over. She is a trendsetter in the field, and one of my favorite glass artists of all time. Visit Ashton Jewels whenever you want to devour some gorgeous eye candy, and maybe treat yourself to true wearable art!


  1. I get pretty blase about lamppwork, but this is extraordinary-love her stuff-want all her 'sold' bracelets LOL!

  2. Wow! Talk about fantastic! Those are wonderful pieces of wearable or collectible art.