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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Featured Artist: Artisan Goods by Gayle

I am always truly amazed when I come across an artist who does their craft well. I'm even more amazed when I come across an artist who does *many* things well! Gayle, of Artisan Goods by Gayle, is a self-taught photographer and crafter. Her work reveals a love of culture and a diversity of style.

What does it mean to you to "buy handmade"?
In my opinion, handmade gifts still retain major credibility as being the most "thoughtful" (ie. "it's the thought that counts"). As an artisan, I know how much thought, skill and passion goes into a piece. Unlike mass produced products, handmade artisan items exhibit individualism which is an appealing aspect to me. If there is a back story shared, then it can actually influence my decision to purchase. Also, as a struggling artisan myself, I fully realize the importance of supporting my fellow colleagues so that they can continue to create, too.

How long have you been active in your craft?
Photography I was self taught during the 1970s I had my own small local photo business until I was forced to close it due to the recession. I began actively selling my fine art photos again in 2003. Jewelry was learned and apprenticed in handwrought silverwork during the early 1970s at an international art institute in another country. I didn't immediately pursue it after returning to the states due to costs and life in general, then began creating and selling my current OOAK styles in 2007. I began creating my conceptual soft sculpture art dolls, accent pillows and art cards in the year 2000

What inspires your work?
My inspiration comes from all that I am exposed to, be it cultures, nature, poetry, films, atmosphere, whimsy, color, heritage, memories, shape and textures. My work conveys my delight in simple pleasures and a passion for life.

Where do you sell your creations?
Currently my only shop is at Artfire. I am currently looking at other venues.

Are there any special accolades you have earned in your field?
Thus far, my fine art photos have received numerous awards, won contests, been used for teaching examples, and have been added to private collections.


  1. Wow! What a great artist! Thanks for the great interview! I love her work.

  2. Thank you very much for the great feature and compliments! blog isn't up yet,but hope to feature you when it is

    will post this link in my shop and pass on to others as well as tweet it...


  3. Congrats Sis! Glad that others get a chance to know about your handmade artistry, ooak photographs, crafts, jewelry, cards, pillows, purses and many, other items.

    Thanks Handmade Chic for helping artists/artisans become known to others for the work they do and deserve support from us all.


  4. Beautiful work - I especially love the one of a kind jewelry :)

  5. Hi- This is artikaur. I am one of Gayle's buyers from artfire. I bought a pair of her earrings called "adventurine pods"- they are so cute and well-made. I like them b/c they are unique, so I know no one else has a pair just like that. I also like the earth tones of the adventurine mixed with the silver... Gayle is a good seller on artfire b/c she communicates well with her buyers.

  6. I have admired Gayle's work since she joined ArtFire. Her photography is some of the best I have seen. Her jewelry is unique and totally represents her. The icing on the cake? Gayle is just absolutely an amazing, kind person. What a combo!

  7. i am lucky enough to count gayle among my friends. she is an amazing person and a gifted artist. i love buying her creations as gifts and always sneak something in for myself. i suggest everyone else do the same!

  8. Gayle is a gifted artist and wonderful photographer,a very unique person .

  9. gayle - you're so very talented. WOW! nice to see you here.

  10. Dear GG,Great artworks here,as always!
    She is number one in ART

  11. Some well deserved recognition for a really lovely lady and the best part is its all true.

  12. I met Gayle on Artfire through the Forums, and was IMMEDIATELY captivated by her incredible work! From her photography to her handmade jewelry, she is definitely Numero Uno in my book!

    I immediately purchased two items from her, including an incredible Sunrise Landscape/Waterscape photo 11x14 print that spoke to my heart like many photos never have - and I'm a photographer myself! It takes rare talent to do that - convey the wonder of Mother Earth in a photo, capturing the beauty of the moment combined with emotion. I also purchased an amazing ruby bracelet with her trademark "ruby slippers" charm that is a beauty to behold, destined to be a gift worth remembering for my Mother In Law.

    Beyond being an amazing artist, Gayle has been an incredible friend from the start. She has helped me through some tough times, and some day I hope I can return the favor. The world needs a lot more people like Gayle in it.

    Thank you, Handmade Chic, for featuring a truly deserving Artist.

    Everyone else - please support Gayle in any way you can! Visit her shop and BUY, BUY, BUY! If you can't afford to buy one of her amazing items, then PROMOTE! Tweet one of her items to your friends, blog about her, tell your friends. Handmade should support Handmade!

  13. So very thrilled to see this recognition for such a talented, well deserving artist and genuine, compassionate human!! Not only is she a wonderful human and talented artist, but from browsing her shop, Artisan Goods by Gayle, and owning at the very least a 'few' of her OOAK creations, I get such an overwhelming feeling of the vision that she has. She is truly going to be a force in her community, and definitely not by accident!!