Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lovely Surprise!

There is nothing better for a lampwork bead artist to see their beads made into gorgeous jewelry. The other day I happened to recognize the name of ArtFire's Item of the Hour artisan, as she had bought some of my beads a while back.

As I browsed The Beaded Lily's Artfire shop, imagine my delight when I found two beautiful pieces featuring my beads! I decided to share them here, like a proud momma!

This piece, entitled Chocolate Cherry Velvet Necklace, featured one of my focal beads, and some unique chocolaty rhodonite. So decadent!

In A Bit of Bedu necklace, some of my lampwork lentils are paired with turquoise crystals, mother of pearl and silver. I can totally see this necklace with a gorgeous southwest-styled outfit!


  1. How awesome is that?!?! What a find. I would show it off too if I ever came across somebody selling something using my lampwork.

  2. Very cool & both very beautiful! You have reason to be proud!

  3. Wow! The beads are lovely and look exceptional in the jewelry! She did a nice job.

  4. You do gorgeous, gorgeous work that's a pleasure to hold and play with:) Thanks for showing off these pieces on your blog!