Thursday, July 23, 2009

Handmade Harry Potter Fun Finds

Even if you aren't a huge fan of the books, you can't escape the hoopla now that the latest Harry Potter movie has hit the theaters. Today's Fun Finds pay homage to Harry & his Hogwarts friends!

Radish Earrings, inspired by Miss Luna Lovegood, and hand crocheted with wire by Yoola on Etsy.

A stylin', working Hogwarts Crest Pocket Watch by Iheartglitter on Etsy.

Imagine how fun the next office meeting can be when you wear these Harry Potter Upcycled Lego Cufflinks by bitsandbadges on Etsy.

A gorgeous Hogwarts Woodburned Box for all of your magical trinkets, by SixthandElm on Etsy.

Adorable Harry Potter Finger Puppets, handknit by kazzalblue on Etsy.

Catch your own Golden Snitch when you buy Fleur's Snitch Necklace by Trophies on Etsy.

Last but not least, the Hogwarts teacher every fan loves to hate, featured on this Professor Severus Snape Scrabble Tile Charm Bracelet by Islandgirlzjewelry on Etsy.


  1. Gorgeous finds, Rachel! You did a great job, again!

  2. Fun items! I love the detail in the box and the finger puppets ;o)