Thursday, June 4, 2009

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This past week on, I tackled the concept of branding. Branding 101 gives a background on exactly what branding consists of, and how it benefits the independent artisan. Once you have the basics down, move on to Branding Pitfalls, which highlights the most common branding mistakes made by small businesses. Both of these articles help you to get a handle on your business' public persona, and create an image that makes customers want to buy from you.

More Must Reads...

Love Bags for Father's Day looks at creating a sweet momento for dad on his special day, forgoing the traditional tie.

The Little Things Mean So Much gives a number of ideas submitted from other artisans on how to go that extra mile for their customers. These special touches help build customer relationships, which can be hard to do over the Internet.

Teakettle Weed Killer is a cool little article from the Green Wise department. If you love your lawn, but hate weeds, the author reveals how you can kill the weeds naturally with boiling water!

Are Your An Artist or a Crafter?
looks at the age-old debate with a clear perspective.

How to Market Fine Art Galleries Online offers some suggestions on marketing your fine art to possible collectors on the Internet, and how you can help them to find you.

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