Thursday, June 25, 2009

And the Winner is....

After dealing with my internet being down last night, I am back and ready to announce the winner and answers of the Lampwork Treasure Hunt!

The winner is: Susan Wells of ! Susan wins a pair of my handmade lampwork earrings!

Were you wondering what the answers were to the treasure hunt? They are revealed below, with a photo and link to the Etsy listing!

Treasure #1
1) Stephen King wrote about a dark one.
2) Only mail deer have these (use the singular!)
3) Free term: lampwork

Tower of Strength by juliechristie

Treasure #2
1) If you have too much of something, you are up to your...
2) These are meant to decorate your ears
3) Free term: divas
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Eyeball Earrings by JanelDudleyBeads

Treasure #3
1) A type of dark chocolate cake
2) A muffin's sweeter cousin
3) Free term: divas

Chocolate Devil's Food Cupcake by HollysFollyGlass

Treasure #4
1) These are a girl's best friend
2) This can be cloudy, sunny or dark
3) Free term: divas

Diamonds in the Sky by Glass Addictions

Treasure #5
1) Adjective for someone who loves their country
2) Jewelry that hangs from a necklace
3) Free term: divas

Three Cheers for the Red, White & Blue by LAJewelryDesigns

Treasure #6
1) He brings happiness on his wings
2) She opened a box of trouble
3) Free term: divas

Bluebird of Happiness by islandgirl

Treasure #7

1) Man's best friend
2) Beware the curse of the monkey's...
3) Free term: divas

Zoe's Friends Paw Print Focal by infernoglassbeads

Thanks again to everyone who played with us! :)


  1. Thanks Rachel. I am so exited to win!

    Susan Wells

  2. oops guess I got the wrong pair of earrings for Number 2!

  3. Congrats Susan! That was a tough one to crack, and I love seeing the answers. Great treasure hunt!

  4. My earrings came today, and I love them (I wore them today!) I enjoyed hunting for treasure. It was fun to look at all the pieces. I really enjoy visiting this blog!