Thursday, June 18, 2009 Must Reads! has already had thousands of visitors come and read their pages. It's not surprising that the site is growing so quickly, as there is a ton of great content on the site. It's getting harder and harder each time to choose only 5 articles for my must reads!

First off, my columns from the previous week deal with a variety of business topics. First, is the popular, Secret to More Sales (and the secret is something you already have!). Next, I look at doing business in the information age, especially communicating through e-mail, in Manners 2009. Finally, we have the first in a two-part series about financing your business in Bank On It.

Now on to the other must reads for the week!

1) Favorably Green Wedding Favors Just in time for summer weddings, this article gives suggestions for some environmentally friendly wedding favors guests will love.

2) 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall: Gift Trends for Men Even though this Sunday is father's day, you still want to show dad you love him all year 'round, right? This article highlights some very cool handmade gifts dad, or any man in your life will enjoy.

3) Top 10 Sign You May Be Selling Yourself Short A humorous look at a serious subject for crafters and artists trying to support themselves on their creativity. Jenn Joyner gives the 10 signs that you may be underpricing your work.

4) Know Your Shoppers An excellent article that looks at how to provide the best customer service possible to all types of customers. You'll discover that you have all sorts of customers with different needs.

5) Craft Techniques Department Okay, so this time I am sending you to the department's table of contents. The reason is, this department publishes a great craft tip each day to help you run and enjoy your business. You will have a blast, and get great ideas, from browsing their many "Craft Tip of the Day" gems.

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