Sunday, June 7, 2009

Free to List Online Marketplaces

We need to face it--there is nothing free anymore, except maybe smiles! When selling your handmade goods online, it's sometimes hard to pay the money upfront to list your items, without having that guarantee that they will sell.

Some of the newer online marketplaces are addressing this issue. Instead of the industry standard set by ebay and Etsy, which was to charge listing fees and commission, or selling, fees, these new venues are making it free to list your products. This is done to help alleviate some of the concern that you will be shelling out your hard-earned money just to have your item sit on a website somewhere. If your item does sell, then these venues take a small commission, usually 3-3.5% of the selling price. In this respect, it behooves the venue to make sure that their website is adequately publiciczed and is easy to use for buyers. It can be a win-win for artisan and webmaster alike.

Below are some of these new venues. I only have personal experience with one of them, but would love to hear from you if you sell on any of these sites!

Silkfair: US based site that sells handmade, as well as vintage and antique items. Their commission is 3% of the final selling price.

Made it Myself: US Based site that sells only handmade items. They claim they are waiving the listing fees right now, so at any point they could institute them. Currently, they also charge a 3% commission fee. Another site for only handmade goods, but I find it a little difficult to navigate. They charge a 3.5% commission

1000 Markets: Only sells handmade goods by the artists themselves. This website is a little more expensive, 5.5% + .50, but the quality of the goods is very high. This is not grandma;s church bazaar craft table!

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