Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fire Divas Treasure Hunt!

Welcome to my first treasure hunt! If you love lampwork beads, this will be a blast for you!

Here's how it works. I have 7 treasures for you to find (only 1 is mine, so you will get to see a lot of other artists' beautiful work). For each treasure, I will give you 2 clues--the answer to each clue is a tag you should use on Etsy to search for the item. I will also give you a third term for you to use as the third search term. Even better, if you find all the treasures, you will win a pair of my handmade lampwork earrings (see photo below).

For example:

This is one of my wine stoppers. Here are the clues & freebie search term:

1) Follow the Yellow... (2 words)
2) Another name for vino
3) Free term: Divas

You would go to Etsy and, under Handmade, search for "Brick Road Wine Divas". The only listing you will find is the wine stopper. You have found a treasure!

What you need to write down when you think you have found a treasure is the shop's name, and the name of the bead listing. For the above example, you would record "infernoglassbeads, Brick Road". Once you have all 7, email all of your info to

I will take all of the correct entries and have someone choose one at random. The prize, a pair of my handmade lampwork earrings, is pictured at left. The prize is valued at $21.00 USD.

All email entries must be sent by midnight EST on Tuesday, June 23rd. Entries sent after this time will not be eligible for the prize drawing. Your odds of winning the prize will be based on the number of correct entries received.

Enough with the rules! Are you ready for your clues? Good luck!

Treasure #1
1) Stephen King wrote about a dark one.
2) Only mail deer have these (use the singular!)
3) Free term: lampwork

Treasure #2
1) If you have too much of something, you are up to your...
2) These are meant to decorate your ears
3) Free term: divas

Treasure #3
1) A type of dark chocolate cake
2) A muffin's sweeter cousin
3) Free term: divas

Treasure #4
1) These are a girl's best friend
2) This can be cloudy, sunny or dark
3) Free term: divas

Treasure #5

1) Adjective for someone who loves their country
2) Jewelry that hangs from a necklace
3) Free term: divas

Treasure #6

1) He brings happiness on his wings
2) She opened a box of trouble
3) Free term: divas

Treasure #7

1) Man's best friend
2) Beware the curse of the monkey's...
3) Free term: divas

Remember to email me your list of all 7 treasures, and which shops they come from by midnight EST on Tuesday!


  1. WOW! How fun! And it looks really tough.

  2. this is a great blog activity...what fun...almost as fun as my theme for thursday...ha ha ha...