Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lampwork Superhero: Lydia Muell

I had blogged about Lydia Muell of Ashton Jewels last year, simply because she makes the most incredible lampwork beads I have ever seen. In fact, they go beyond being a bead, to truly collectible art.

I decided to feature Lydia again, as she has been the target of a malicious scam artist who has tried to dirty the name of many accomplished artists. Lydia has been another superhero in the fight against the evil "fraud slinger", much like Elizabeth Wait (see below), helping to organize the legal fight against the libelous blog posted by a disgruntled wannabe lampwork artist.

From Lydia's Bio:
When I began playing with glass in 2005, it was not with the idea that I would become a career lampworker. Glassblowing was my mission back in those days and I thought lampworking would be the gateway obsession that would eventually deliver me into the moderate-sized hot shop that I so desired. I wanted to make functional art glass pieces like candle holders, huge glass beads that could be used as drapery finials, blown glass spice jars for Tuscan style kitchens. . .I had to crawl before I could walk and somehow I found myself on an unexpected path.

Today, I am a career lampwork beadmaker who takes each day as it comes, rarely questioning tomorrow. Today provides the same challenge as yesterday and tomorrow will provide the same challenge as today. . .Evolving my skill at the torch, searching my soul for the inspiration that always seems to be communicated with strong classical influence.

Timing, rhythm, and repetition are the elements that move me most in a piece of visual art, just as they move me when I listen to beautifully arranged symphonic piece. As cliche as this may sound, if I can SEE the music playing within one of my beads, I know I've achieved something soulful.

These days I don't look to tomorrow. I'm enjoying the journey too much to worry about where my path is taking me or how and when I'll get there. I have found a sense of satisfaction and self worth within those little beads that I create each day. For now, these tiny wearable treasures are my destiny.

You can buy Lydia's available work through her website, Lampwork Treasures.


  1. You are so right about Lydia's work! It is AMAZING!

  2. I agree her beads are breathtakingly beautiful!

  3. we love Lydia's work ..
    gorgeous beads .. beautiful women ..
    mona & the girls

  4. You are absolutely right - her work is amazing! Thanks for sharing!