Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Is anyone as happy as I am that 2009 is finally over?

In reflection, I have been through a divorce, barely sold any beads, and have found a happiness within I never knew existed! I am proclaiming 2010 my "Year of Freedom." I am free from bad relationships. I am free from "having" to make beads to sell them--I can once again simply create for the joy of creating. I am freeing myself from the lack of confidence in me, and ditching the bad habits that have dogged me in the past. I'd say 2010 is shaping up to be pretty darn good!

I know we are all supposed to make the resolutions that we will quickly discard as life takes over the next few weeks. Rather than set oneself up for disappointment, I suggest we make goals for improvement...humans are much more likely to stick to good behaviors when they are working towards something, don't you agree?

My goals? To continue to work out 3-5 days a week. To learn how to eat better and cook more simple foods that provide fuel, not therapy. To write everyday, even if it's just 100 words.

If I can manage to achieve these three simple goals, my lived will be changed immensely.

What goals are you working towards in 2010?


  1. Sounds like many of us are going in into unchartered but welcome sales online were bleak, but I have a new home in a weekly indoor/outdoor market where sales keep guess online is losing its painful signifigance-things can't help but get better-have a wonderful New Year!

  2. From all the blogs I'm reading, this is going to be an interesting and creative year, as well as an empowering year!