Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to Handmade Chic!

My goal in starting this venture is simple; I want to help connect the people who see value in buying handmade with those artisans that create beautiful items by hand.

I came to appreciate the value of handmade goods after I began lampworking. I had grown to love using glass beads in my jewelry making. I bought a lot of mass-produced glass beads, and thought that breakage and having a few wonky beads in the bunch were both part of the deal. One day, I decided to buy a small set from a lampwork artist and was amazed at the difference. I quickly began to see how artisan-made lampwork beads were worth the extra money, and soon took my first lampworking class. The rest, as they say, is history.

Starting next week, articles will be posted Monday-Friday according to the following topics:

Monday: TGIM-"Thank God it's Monday" musings and fun to get the week started.
Tuesday: Featured Artists
Wednesday: Spotlight on Techniques
Thursday: Business Sense
Friday: Fun Finds

I am always looking for ideas for the techniques and business sense articles. If you already have a write up you would like to share, I would love to see it. I can't pay in cash, but I am open to working out a trade of some sort! Please contact me at

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