Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Featured Artists: Fire Divas

This week's featured "artist" is actually a collection of lampwork artists who have come together with a common purpose: to advance their love of handmade glass beads.

Originally formed as a street team on etsy, the members had known each other through the popular lampwork forum, lampworketc.com. As time passed, the core group of members wanted to remain connected yet move beyond just one venue. The name of the group was changed, members re-committed to the group's goals, and Fire Divas was born.

Every member of Fire Divas is committed to offering only the best handmade lampwork beads and sculpture, while supporting each other's artistic endeavors. The group may boast some well-known lampworkers, but no one person is valued above any other. Each and every artist contributes to the success of Fire Divas as a whole.

Fans of handmade lampwork beads should know that members of Fire Divas have shops on both etsy and ArtFire; search "Fire Divas" on these sites to find the beatiful offerings the Divas have for you!

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  1. Thanks for this post, Rachel, and thanks for reminding me to add fire divas to my tags on artfire.