Monday, May 30, 2011

Anyone want to blog??

Photo Courtesy of Maria Reyes-McDavis

While I love being an advocate for handmade and the way of the handmade artist, I am by no means an expert...mainly because the world of handmade is so incredibly diverse due to the creativity of the human spirit!

I would love to host guest bloggers from time to time on the following topics:

  • Business tips for handmade artists
  • Cool handmade ideas to make life better and more beautiful
  • How to tell if a product is truly handmade
  • Tips or techniques that you'd like to share with fellow artists
  • Any handmade topic you'd like to see addressed!
 These guest blog spots are not a place to pimp your wares, though links will be given your online sites and shops. These will be posts that have the intent of helping your fellow artists grow.

Don't worry if writing isn't your thing. I can help with the editing and making it sound "chic!" Send me your ideas at and we can chat about getting a guest blog written for the handmade masses!

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